Thulson Family

Thulson Design has always been centered around family and special memories. We all know that life gets busy and time goes by so fast. I watch my son reach new milestones every week and I can’t reach my camera fast enough! I imagine other parents feel the same way.

The opportunity to bring joy to others through capturing their moments is such a blessing. One of my favorite sessions was with my wife and my son (as seen above). There was a time our son couldn’t stand on his own and you can see that in the photo as my wife is propping him up and he’s touching her so gently and with so much trust. People say he looks like her and I agree looking at this photo, their faces shaped and angled so similarly. I also love that this picture was taken in black and white. The scenery for this shoot was gorgeous but in its own distracting way, I am glad it was dulled to highlight how beautiful my wife is. This is why I love taking photos. Through a photo, time stops for a little bit and you get to enjoy that pause and take in all that you love. My goal is to give you that pause… that time for discovery.

My portfolio is littered with pictures of kids. They are less self-conscious and parents LOVE good pictures of their kiddos. I also take a lot of pictures of people in love. They too are less self-conscious and more excited about seeing their love immortalized in photos. Weddings are also great days because I get to spend so much time involved in a story that is unfolding before my lens. It goes beyond a one hour shoot and gives me a chance to retell the story through my experience! Maternity and baby shots are so intimate and I always walk away amazed at the gift of life. I was fortunate to shoot a commedia dell’arte show last year and what a kick that was! Artists spend SO much time crafting their gifts and stories and I was glad they pulled me in to capture some of their best work.

This company has two members, myself and my wife. She is an avid digital scrapbook-er and has made several wedding albums for my clients and it has been fun to share the creative side with her along with the business. She also makes montage videos and can be hired to whip your box of old photos into a lovely storytelling video to show at family reunions, weddings, or other events.

Thus we are Thulson Design. And I hope if you have a memory you’d like to cherish forever, you’ll let us know. We’d love to help you restore it, share it, cherish it and savor it.